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Based on the Amazon Best-Selling Thriller Series

by Brooklyn Hudson

GENRE: One-hour serialized suspense drama (Season 1 – 5)

After a brutal rape leaves Julien’s wife stricken with PTSD, the couple relocates to the serene Catskill Mountains, where a possessive young girl, with a special gift, will stop at nothing to keep them there forever, forcing Julien on a butterfly effect quest to restore the natural order of their lives.

In Development

Pilot Script available upon industry request

The Gypsy Project

GENRE: One-hour serialized drama (Season 1 – 5)

1957: A circus caravan of Roma Gypsy Holocaust survivors, set up camp in upstate New York. An ex-Nazi soldier, who holds secrets to Die Glocke (The Nazi Bell, Hitler’s Time Machine, UFO & Alien documentation), is on the run from the CIA, when he rescues a young Gypsy girl from a disfiguring attack by local hoodlums.

Grateful and indebted, the Gypsies take the soldier in, hiding him among their circus performers, only, the clan patriarch recognizes the German as the soldier who shot and killed his wife and four children, as they attempted to flee Auschwitz a decade earlier.

In Development

Pilot Script available upon industry request

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